Virgin: The Return of the Grail UK Tour will illustrate how ancient feminine wisdom holds a crucial key to healing both our global crises and personal relationships through a series of talks and interactive workshops starting in London on 21 May.

The tour, titled ‘Virgin’ reclaims the origin of the word, meaning ‘priestess: a sacred and sovereign woman’.  They were the keepers of the Grail and those who initiated men and women into the mysteries of the Grail were given the title of ‘The Magdalene’. Tanishka believes the return of ancient feminine wisdom & customs such as the global Red Tent movement (which she helped pioneer) provide the final act to end the power struggle between the sexes.

In the first one-day event, in addition to her Grail presentation, men and women will learn how to navigate the 21st century relationship revolution with empowering insight and tools to create truly sustainable and fulfilling relationships. Gender Identity and Human Sexuality are among the key topics covered.  

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On Sunday 22 May, a workshop has been specifically created for men to reclaim their authentic self-expression through examining their subconscious beliefs around money, sex and power. Topics will include practical solutions to address the growing pandemic of porn addiction and impotency, the new mythology emerging for men and how men can align with their true purpose and highest destiny.

A two hour evening event at Glastonbury on 30 May reveals the most potent secret of all time, the Holy Grail, from the perspective of the sacred feminine.  Tanishka will explore the impact of natural cycles and how to live in alignment with them and will also decode the hidden truth about symbolism in art and traditional tales.  She will also shows how the Holy Grail holds the key to ending war and restoring the health of the planet.

The final event of the tour is a ‘Grail Priestess Initiation for Women’ course – a three day non-residential retreat starting on 10 June  in London that includes a grail maiden initiation ceremony, Magdalene codes activation, mysteries of the red tent, rites of passage on the priestess path as well as a global grail healing ceremony.

15% of tour door sales will be donated to the rehabilitation of survivors of human trafficking, a charity close to Tanishka’s heart.