While Munich hosts Oktoberfest, Stuttgart has it’s own celebration. WORDS: Trevor Paddenburg.

All the hype is about Oktoberfest, but there’s another beer festival nearby — Stuttgart’s Volksfest

Culture vulture

Plenty of locals go to Oktoberfest, but they’re outnumbered by the hordes of tourists that descend for the three-week booze up. At Volksfest, you’ll be hard pressed to hear a foreign accent.

Small, but sweet

Volksfest isn’t on the same scale as its big brother in Munich, which means it’s easy to navigate your way around — and there’s hardly a queue for the dunny.

Prosting the locals

Tourists at Volksfest are a novelty — our group was even asked to perform a jig on stage. The locals were fascinated we’d come to their festival, and couldn’t wait to have a chat.

Last a little longer

Volksfest traditionally goes for a few extra days. If you stay for the closing weekend of Oktoberfest and still fancy a few more steins, Stuttgart is the place to head