Tully, in far north Queensland, was an area hit by Cyclone Yasi. The destruction was overwhelming and amongst other things, farmers now face the daunting task of repairing kilometres of fences. BlazeAid, an organisation that began as a way of helping the people of Victoria after the devastating 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, is calling for new volunteers. 

They need volunteers to help the farmers clear debris from fences and then build new fences. The willingness to lend a hand is the only thing required. 

Kevin Brown is running the base-camp up in Tully and asks you all to jump on board. “We’re looking to get as many volunteers as we can. We’re asking for backpackers who want to experience the farming life. Especially those who come from the cities and want to see our way of life.” 

All training will be provided on the job, as well as accommodation and three meals a day, for what Kevin describes as, “just a little bit of work”. 

However, not only is this a way to help the Australians who need it the most, you will also earn yourself another year of living in paradise.
The Aussie Department of Immigration requires you to do a three-month stint in rural Australiato be eligible for your second Working Holiday visa. As long as the work is specified and you have proof from your employer or organisation. This work may be paid or unpaid.

Tully is part of regional Australia and the work falls into the construction work category because you’re helping regional disaster zones. Specifically repairing and rebuilding fences

How to get involved? Check out the BlazeAid or contact Kevin directly atblazeaid.tully@gmail.com or 0408 701 226. Whether you can work a day, a week, or more, you can help make a difference.

March 25th, 2011