According to witness Frankie Ferraro, the man jumped out of the bush and tried to stop a ute with a stick – causing it to flip.

Then he allegedly assaulted a female driver who had stopped to help and tried to take her car, before being wrestled to the ground and tied up.

“So on our normal trip to Metro Road with our dirt bikes yesterday, there is a ute on its side on the Brookton Highway, and a guy on the road going mental, covered in blood, there is also a lady in her car and her clothes are all ripped off, a guy in a car behind smacks him in the head with a iron bar to get him of her… and another small guy who was holding the psycho down,” Miss Ferraro posted on Facebook over the weekend. 

“Dad runs to the ute and drags a dog and man out who thank god are not dead, then asks if his mate in the road is okay, the guy in the turned over ute yells “don’t let him go he’s not my fukn mate” next minute the ute guys brother and friends rock up and beat the shit outa the psycho guy covered in blood… Everyone is confused.

“What happened is the guy and dog in the ute were going 110km down Brookton hwy when this physco guy comes out of the state Forrest, runs straight in front of the ute and smacks the windscreen with a log or shovel causing it to lose control and flip, a lady stopped and the psycho opens her car and tried to pull her out and rips her clothes of, a guy in a car behind smacks him in the head with a iron bar to get him of her,” she adds. 

“Then the crazy dude strips naked and runs down the road … he got chased by the brother and mates and jumped on their bonets and then the roof and tray.

“They caught him, king hit him and then tied the naked guys arms and legs behind his head and left him in the dirt for the police and ambulance.”

The man was taken to Armadale Hospital and has been charged with endangering a life, health or safety of a person.

Channel 9 reported that he will face court later this month.

Image via Facebook