Ian and Janette Tough, both 64, confessed on a BBC Radio Scotland interview with Edi Stark that they used to sleep with other people when they were on tour.

The couple claims that they only abandoned their “anytime, anywhere” attitude to sex in order to stop their lovers getting jealous.

They also admitted that they enjoyed sex on golf courses and once nearly got swept out to sea after getting amorous on a boat.

Janette said: “We nearly ended up in France. I couldn’t make it last that long now.”

The much-loved Krankies stars agree that they were lucky to escape any publicity over their activities and admit that it would be a very different story these days.

Ian said: “Today it would be in the papers instantly. In those days people were very good.”

The Krankies’ clean-cut family image took a further beating when they claimed they were wilder than rock stars on tour.

They once borrowed Status Quo’s coach and when they returned it the band is reported to have said: “Blinkin’ heck, this is worse than if we’d lent it to a rock band and this was for a kids’ show.”

The couple are appearing in Robinson Crusoe at Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium.