The point is, if you want to give up smoking, you’ll need a good reason. So, because we love you dearly, we’re sharing some uncovered in a survey by with you.

Here are 5 of the driving factors for giving up the habit.

1. Improving your health

2. Saving money

3.For your family’s sake

4. Not wanting to be a social pariah social

5. Because it affects your good looks

Not enough?

Then here are some other gems that could make you a loving nag bag.

•        The average smoker will smoke 13 cigarettes a day which equates to 4,745 each year

•        Mayfair King Size, for instance, cost £7.25 for a 19 pack, totalling an average spend of £1,810 a year (nearly 20% of your pay packet)

That could, for instance, buy you:

•        2 season tickets at Old Trafford (begging the question why you would want two)

•        5 Xbox Ones (no, don’t say you’ll cut down and just have one)

•        Prada Shoulder bag (£1,650)

•        3 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes (Mendez suede ankle boots £550 each)