A soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan has won a year-long battle to have his disability allowance reinstated by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

The Mirror reports that Aron Shelton won his benefits back yesterday after the DWP admitted there was "clear evidence" he was "virtually unable to walk".

It was around July last year when Shelton was told he would lose his allowance after he learnt to walk 400m.

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The DWP wrote to tell him that his £180-a-month benefit would be halted because he could walk the distance unaided.

Shelton told media outlets at the time that he felt let down by his own government.

The soldier then had to give up his car as his benefit was cut to just £75.

After the hearing at Scarborough county court, Shelton told The Mirror: “I can walk on my prosthetic limb but it’s still incredibly painful. I can’t even make it to my local shops, which are only 700m away, so the car is my lifeline.”

He added: "I’m relieved, but it’s ridiculous it’s come to this to get what I knew I was fully entitled to.”