Increased Flexibility

Advances in technology have made the modern consumer approach travel in a whole new way. With almost everything available right at our fingertips, businesses have been forced to adapt to this idea of flexible, on-demand travel.

Just look at the success of Uber, for example, with over 40 million monthly active users worldwide. Their business model included cheaper fares, a simple ordering and payment process, increased security through a tracking process and providing better quality by using ratings for both drivers and passengers.

This app revolutionised taxi services as well as the rest of travel industry and now, other means of travel are adopting a similar model to attract ever-connected customers. Mobile apps are now available to book private jets, so passengers can forget about the previous method which involved ringing up private flying companies to book flights. Thanks to mobile apps, high-end travel is becoming more accessible than ever.


Not only are apps making executive travel easier to book, they’re also giving consumers the opportunity to find the best deals.

Private air travel has the reputation of being reserved for the rich and the famous. However, this is no longer the case and fares have begun to decrease, with empty leg flights allowing passengers of the luxury of private air travel, but at a fraction of the price. How? By allowing consumers to book single journeys from private flights that have been booked one way and would otherwise be travelling back to their hub empty.

Consumers can use private jet apps to easily find and book empty leg private jet flights all around the world, from Dubai to New York.

Green Credentials

The British government have recently pledged to take all diesel and petrol cars and vans off the road from 2040 in an attempt to tackle the issue of poor air quality.

This is certain to affect the world of executive travel as electric cars are now likely to be the future of chauffeuring services. With there being no doubt about the damaging role that petrol cars have on the environment, innovative new performance electric cars, such as the ones manufactured by Tesla Motors, could be the future of executive travel on the road.

With high-end means of travel becoming more innovative and more accessible, the future of executive travel looks like it will be available right at our fingertips, with mobile apps providing us with easier access to find and book the best deals for private jets and chauffeur services.