Flights via the UAE to Australia are readily available and so often are some of the cheapest routes.

Dubai (Qantas and Emirates operate through this route) is a popular stopover and worth considering if you are seeking an ultramodern city break, packed with shopping, drinking and watersports. 

Southeast Asia is another option for a stopover with airlines operating through Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Airlines), Bangkok (Thai Airways), Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific) or Singapore (Singapore Airlines, British Airways).

My recommendation for an exciting city break stopover would be Hong Kong, as you’ll find plenty to enjoy and keep you occupied over a few days.

The city itself is bursting with history and culture, so you will find plenty to do here.

The street markets in the city’s Kowloon region are fantastic places to wander, take photos, stock up on souvenirs and try local street food.

Temple Street Night Market is one of the best in the world. And take the 15-minute trip on the Star Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island to get incredible views of the city’s skyline.

Also, make sure you plan enough time to visit the Ngong Ping Plateau just outside Hong Kong to take the spectacular 5.7km-long cable car ride up to the 23m-tall Tian Tan Buddha.

If you have time, you could even visit the ‘Las Vegas of the East’ with a short 55-minute ferry ride to the city of Macau.

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