“It is now critical that the international community move towards agreement on a robust international response to the regime,” said Rudd.

“In the absence of such a response, the problem is that this regime could then take succour that it could do this again. We do not believe that is the right course of action.

“Our belief is the Syrian government is responsible for the chemical weapons attacks against the Syrian people.”

Rudd attacked Tony Abbot, his main opponent in the upcoming federal election, this week during an interview with the Seven TV network, saying Abbot had an “impulsive nature, that is rushing ahead to judgement.”

“This stuff is complex and in diplomacy, words are bullets, now you’ve just got to remember that, so on the question of temperament, I don’t think it’s wrong to raise the question.”

Abbot said in an interview last month that Syria “should have a transition as soon as possible to a more representative government, a government which is more respectful of the rights for the Syrian people.”

Australia is set to take over the presidency of the UN security council this weekend.

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