In London, a lot of famous TV shows and movies are created, and the city is also the setting for some of the most culturally important plays and other productions. Of course, just because we have the good fortune to be surrounded by amazing culture in the capital, that doesn’t mean we are averse to enjoying some less high brow programming when we are relaxing in the evening! Most TV watchers in the UK will admit to having a few guilty pleasures, and they almost always come from the reality TV genre – whether it is talent shows like The X Factor, competitive reality shows like Big Brother, or lifestyle based reality shows like the Only Way is Essex or Geordie Shore.

But just why do we love these programs? Here are just a few reasons why Londoners can’t help getting addicted to reality TV:


We may live in one of the most interesting places in the world, but sometimes it is fun to escape from our everyday lives and see what people in other jobs, cities or situations are up to – or even just see some people doing some stupid stuff for entertainment. Fiction provides one form of escapism, but reality TV provides an altogether different one, where we can gossip about and wonder about the antics of real people, rather than characters from fictional shows. While Game of Thrones may have far better quality to it than Made in Chelsea, the latter allows us to access a form of escapism that isn’t too far fetched.

The Reality Part

While reality TV has something of a trashy image and isn’t taken very seriously, sometimes that reality aspect to these shows means you can actually learn something. While there may not be much to learn from TOWIE, there are also reality shows that focus on people doing different jobs or working in certain industries, and shows about things we may actually like to learn to do better ourselves. Whether you learn a little something about business from The Apprentice or discover a new cooking tip from Come Dine with Me, you never know when something genuinely useful might come up on a reality show.

Part of this is because many British and American reality shows are made with real experts in their fields, whether in front of the camera or in production roles. A recent US reality show for example, called My Hollywood, followed the experiences of people trying to break into the entertainment business, and this was produced by a fairly successful actor called Michael David Palance. While the people on the screen were the stars, it was Michael Palance who decided what aspects of the journey an actor or performer takes would be shown, and his insights that helped make the show interesting.

They’re Just Fun!

Of course, one of the main reasons Londoners love reality TV, is simply that it is fun. With all the drama, funny moments and surprises, there really is very little not to like about a genre that is easy to watch, and aims only to entertain you!

While many of us may not admit it, the truth is that Londoners really love nothing more than catching up on their favourite real life TV drama.