The ability to speculate on a variety of financial instruments from the comfort of your home is appeals to many people. Unfortunately, there are many scams out there. Some trading platforms are rigged, others have bugs, while some companies simply make it impossible for traders to ever make a withdrawal, even after making huge profits. Some firms put customers’ data at risk since they do not have type of encryption. To avoid these scams, London-based traders are advised to be careful when choosing a brokerage firm. Ideally, they should only consider working with an RSA approved trader, such as anyoption UK who are proving to be one of the leaders in the trading world. 

Benefits of Working with an RSA-Approved Trader

In the recent years, hackers have managed to penetrate some of the most secure systems in the world. The online trading industry is also at high risk, more so because of the financial benefit hackers stand to gain. This is the main reason why London traders should only open trading accounts with firms that have the latest RSA encryption technology, which helps to secure logins and protects sensitive data. anyoption UK falls in this category. 

About anyoption UK

The company is a pioneer in the options trading industry. As one of the first brokers to fully embrace and focus on binary options, the firm has a lot to offer in terms of security, assets, trade types, profitability and risk exposure among other things. The broker is registered with the FCA and regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission). 

Asset Types

London traders can speculate on four types of assets on anyoption. They include; indices, commodities, currency and stocks. Popular commodities include; oil, gold and coffee beans. Popular indices are; DAX, S&P 500 and the DOW. Currency pairs include; USD/GBP, EUR/USD and USD/JPY among others.  There are two trading positions that traders can choose; put and call. A put binary option offers a payout if the level or price of the asset drops within the specified contract period. A call, on the other hand, offers a payout if the level rises above the opening level. They also offers assets that have the potential of giving traders the highest returns possible. In fact, some trades can offer returns as high as 80%. A typical trade can last between 10 to 30 minutes, meaning traders can make more money faster. The company also offers refunds of up to 25% on unsuccessful trades. This means that risk exposure is limited. 

Trading Platforms

Traders can trade binary options at their desks using a desktop PC, or on-the-go using tablets and smartphones. This is because anyoption also has a mobile trading software for both Android and iOS devices. The platform offered by anyoption is far more superior compared than what is on the market. This is because the broker has invested heavily in the system to improve its features, enhance security, make it more user-friendly and add more features. The result is a platform that is simple enough for traders to use but packed with all the tools, trade types and assets expert traders need to prosper. After opening a live trading account and funding it, traders can use the trading platform to open and close trades as well as to analyze the market to ensure they make informed trading decisions. 

Other Features

Some common strategies supported by anyoption UK include: hedging, pairing and reversal trade. One Touch trading and the Option+ environment give traders more options for making bigger profits while minimizing risk. While most Londoners may use the English language, there are also foreign traders based in London. For this reason, the anyoption trading system is available in a variety of languages, including: Arabic, Turkish, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French among others. 

Why Choose anyoption

First and foremost, the site is secured with RSA encryption, so both your money and personal data are safe. Secondly, anyoption supports a variety of payment options, including bitcoin. The trading system offered by the company has accurate trends, which show how a trade is performing in real-time. Fourthly, the firm offers dozens of assets, allowing traders to make huge profits from their investments. Lastly, they are regulated by CySEC and registered with the Financial Conducts Authority.