Technology in this area has advanced dramatically, which, with a little creativity has bought about a whole range of temporary buildings for a breadth of events. Some of them simple and functionary, others are stunning and visionary.

Most people still tend to think of temporary structures such as marques for weddings or, perhaps, festivals and, yes, the Great British Bake-off, of course! But for the corporate event organiser, their scope is positively boundless.

When it comes to organising a corporate event, getting the venue right is key. Locality to your audience can be your biggest headache if there is nowhere in the location that can accommodate your volume of attendees or the event itself.

As soon as you stop limiting your potential venues to those made of bricks and mortar, and start thinking about erecting your own structure at your ideal location, then the sky’s your limit.

Whether for an exhibition, trade show, festival or sporting event, you can hire a structure that perfectly suits your event i.e. size and style, and erect it in the location that suits both your audience and you e.g. somewhere near to public transport or parking, and close to main road arteries.

And, yes, temporary structures are still used for weddings, and why not? In the UK, we have some the most magnificent mansions and county houses in the world, set in beautiful grounds. Unfortunately, even those big enough to accommodate a wedding of today’s proportions, are more often than not off limits. But their surrounding grounds and gardens are much more accessible. Setting up a purpose built, temporary structure in beautiful surroundings at your ideal location has to go a long way to achieving the perfect ‘big day’. Plus, the materials used nowadays form a rigid structure which provides both weather protection and reassurance. Smaller country houses or venues can be stylishly extended to provide the space you need.

Today’s temporary structures are designed and built (by experts) using the most up-to-date technology and safety standards. They often remain erected long after their expected lifespan – take the O2 arena in London, for example.

So the next time you’re looking for an event venue, don’t limit yourself to bricks and mortar, check out some of the great temporary buildings available today and broaden your horizons.