The problem is not in the availability of time to go on holiday. Rather it is commonly the inability to select the right time of the year to visit a particular tourist destination. Each tourist destination is best enjoyed at a specific time of the year.

Many tourism and hospitality operators in the world will give warnings of dangerous times to travel to the location. Some of them will even shutdown operations during such times.  No self respecting operator wants to have a record of people dying at their resort. As much as all publicity is good publicity, a dead tourist never encouraged other people to go to the same place.

When you want to go and see a majestic waterfall, make sure you go soon after the rainy season when the rivers are in flood. This will give you the best experience. And when you want to visit a game park go during the dry season. It is easier for the guides/scouts to predict where the game will be. It is thus essential to know the best time to visit a place.

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