There is also the constant battle between convenience and security. The more convenient a thing is, the less secure it is. Whenever you open a door to enter a room, others can enter the same way. Opening a door makes it instantly insecure. The only iPhone that is truly secure is the one you never use. Obviously, that is no solution at all. Here are a few ways to protect your iPhone while you travel that are somewhat more practical:

A Screen Protector

When you are on a trip, you tend to take your iPhone out of your pocket or pouch more than usual. You are using it to look up information about where you are, the weather, maps and transit, call a car service, check flights, call the hotel, find someplace to eat, check ratings, take pictures…you get the idea.

Without one of the iPhone 8 screen protectors to keep the screen in one piece when dropped, you are taking a big risk with the device that is likely your most valuable carry on the trip. All other safety considerations aside. If your iPhone is broken, it’s game over. Instead of enjoying the sights, you will be frantically searching for an Apple Store. Good luck with that without a smartphone.

Anti-theft Measures

Travelers are targets for theft. Leaving unnecessary devices at home might be the most prudent thing you can do to keep them safe. The UK is banning some electronics on certain flights. But leaving the smartphone behind is not an option. So developing some anti-theft measures is the next best thing. Here are a few:

1 – Don’t carry your iPhone in a pouch or pocket without a clasp or zipper. Make it harder to be lifted by a light-finger.

2 – Keep it in a case that obscures the fact that it is an iPhone.

3 – Take it out when necessary. But don’t carry it around where it is easy for others to see and snatch.

4 – Obscure the screen so that only you can see what’s on it. Better yet, use one of those privacy screens that makes it hard to see at an angle.

5 – Never let a stranger borrow your phone regardless of what the situation appears to be.

Unfortunately, the best anti-theft measures sometimes fail. iPhones are like gold in some places. Prepare your iPhone for such an eventuality by doing the following:

1 – Make sure Activation Lock is on.

2 – Turn on Find My iPhone if it is not already on.

3 – Set up TouchID.

4 – Use a 6-digit passcode minimum.

5 – If the police cannot recover the phone, use Remote Wipe to remove your data.

Most thefts can be prevented with best practices. But for those who cannot, be prepared with secondary measures.


When you are abroad, you will be tempted to use a lot of sketchy wifi. It is not safe. And you should avoid it at all costs. You will not always be able to use your carrier plan. International roaming can be prohibitively expensive. And besides the expense, we tend to use more data when abroad. Data caps come up quickly.

For all these reasons and more, you need VPN as an alternative connection for when you travel. It is not just about privacy. It is also about being able to connect to your internet and streaming options back home that may not be available in the country you are visiting. Travel to China, and you will find yourself cut off from most of the world you know. VPN to the rescue.

A screen protector, anti-theft measures, and a good VPN should always travel with you. Don’t leave home without them.