WikiLeaks founder Assange is wanted in Sweden for alleged sex crimes, however he argues that the charges are politically motivated.

Two High Court judges today ruled that Assange’s case is of “general public importance”, as his lawyers have argued, and therefore have forwarded his case to the Supreme Court.

Assange’s lawyers claim that he cannot be extradited as he has not been charged with any crime. On Sunday, Assange told AP that all he aska for is “the right to not be shipped off to foreign lands without formal charges or the presentation of even the most basic evidence.”

If the appeal had been denied, the WikiLeaks boss would have been deported to Sweden next week.

Assange’s freedom, however, is not guaranteed, as the Supreme Court could still refuse to hear his case.

The 40-year-old Australian has spent almost a year on bail in Britain, where he lives under house arrest at a supporter’s rural mansion.