The woman who dumped a cat in a bin has been identified after being caught on camera.

Bizarre CCTV footage shows the woman stroking the cat as it walks long the wall. A moment later she picks it up by the scruff of the neck and throws it into a wheelie bin.

The woman has now been identified to the RSPCA which says she is being offered police protection because of the “backlash against her”.

The cat, named Lola, belongs to Stephanie Andrews-Mann her husband Darryl, from Coventry, who didn’t find their moggy in the bin for 15 hours.

“I find the entire thing sickening, Stephanie told The Sun. “I cannot believe someone would do this to an innocent family pet.

“Lola was a rescue cat and was wary of people when we first got her. She has a lovely disposition and really wouldn’t hurt a fly. This is what makes the attack on her so shocking.

“I really want to find the woman who did this to her, she must be stopped.”

The couple initially thought that the cat had climbed into the bin but, on watching the CCTV footage from outside their house, were shocked to see Lola being dumped in the bin by a middle-aged woman.

The couple set up a Facebook page called Help Find The Woman Who Put My Cat In The Bin.

Is anyone else just a bit worried about the woman who put the cat in the bin?

Watch the woman dumping the cat in the bin here.


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