1. Capoeira

What: When in Brazil, you’re bound to come across some ripped guys performing capoeira on the street. Created by African slaves, the art form combines martial arts, dance and music. The swaying fighting style makes for a stunning spectacle with handstands and acrobatic flips. Have a go yourself by taking a class in London or Brazil.
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2. Flamenco

What: Spanish flamenco dancing was among the intangible elements added to UNESCO’s world heritage list recently. The best place to see the foot-stomping polka-dot-dress-clad flamenco dancers is in Spain’s Andalucia region, where it originated.
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3. Tango

What: Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango, a sensual dance that originated in the city’s working class slums in the 1890s. Enjoy a tango show at the intimate back room of Cafe Tortoni.
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4. Salsa

What: Latin America is salsa-mad so you can pick up the moves wherever you go. Cali in Colombia is considered the world capital of salsa, with almost 200 dance schools and a raft of sizzling clubs to try out your steps. Cuba is also loaded with sexy salsa clubs.
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Cossack Dancing

5. Cossack

What: Popular in Russia, Cossack dancing is a blend of ballet and break-dancing, with high kicks and sweeping arm gestures. Performed by dancers wearing brightly coloured waistcoats and tight britches, see a show in a concert hall in St Petersburg.
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