If you think you’ve got the balls and determination to take on a challenge in another part of the world, then go ahead and follow your destiny… Alternatively you may choose to just watch other people slave away hysterically at crushing jobs while you lay back and sip your tea.

That’s exactly what you can do now that “World Toughest Jobs” is about to hit our TV screens, posing the question to us all about what of the harshest jobs out there we would choose if we had to.

The TV series, which will start on 24th February, follows the journeys of three young (18-24 year old) Brits who, in a desperate bid to sort out their lives and their finances, leave the UK to take on one of the world’s toughest jobs.

There will be six episodes to the prime-time series shown on BBC Three.

The programme has come about following the revelation that more 18-34 year olds are finding themselves in a higher level of debt and are in desperate need of a way to dig themselves out.

What better way to take yourself out of unemployment or your debt burdens than by taking on an arduous and painful challenge – every day?

The jobs that feature on the show are a major eye opener for the British rookies. From fishing treacherous Arctic seas aboard a Norwegian trawler to herding thousands of angry cattle in the Australian outback on ranches the size of Wales, their goal is the same, to earn some hard cash. 

Out of their comfort zone and working alongside hardened pros, the new arrivals must quickly adapt to long hours, early starts and gruelling work – a far cry from their everyday lives.   They must also answer to hard-nosed bosses who want the job done properly and won’t tolerate any slacking.  If they can’t hack it, they’ll be on the first plane home.

Any decision of which job you’d prefer yet? Take this quiz to figure it out…

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