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2009 Entries

Green Market Square, Cape town by Aaron Edwards

Beirut and Lebanon by Adam Paddick

Arctic Adventures by Kate Fitzpatrick

Southern Bucovina by Gabriela Saucic

Chicago by Peter Briffa

A walk on the wild side by Adam Millard

To drink Sangria or visit Las Ramblas? Barcelona is the question by Sara Allen

Cheeky Chinese! by Lauren Kraus

One night in Ljubljana by Luch Payne

Fresh by Isaac Kendall

Forget Glasonbury, Europe’s best music festival is… by Ben McCulloch

Seeking out rats in India by Alex Budak

Barcelona by Emma Wagland

Oh to be Spanish! by Chloe Baker

When in Rome… by Louisa Toaldo

The Dom – not just a Cathedral by Stephen Gandolfi

Hotel Rat! by Nicola Meyenn

Marrakesh and The Sahara by Neil Haining

Herroh from Vietnam! by Gary Hirson

Turkey to Greece by Craig Osland

 Afghan Road Trip by Jake Stringer

Sarajevo: Getting a kick in the Balkans, by Ciaran Ward

Serbian Horizon by Vladd Ruttley-Wolf

Volleys in Poland by Christopher Von Wolf

Russia and Beyond by Baron Ballad

Moroccan Winter by Susannah Gray

The Man Eating Mountain of Potosi by Hannah Johnson

The land of the Howells by Lorena Di Nola

The Moscow Express by Tom Czaban

A Night of Hot Air By David Hackett

Battles by Ben Essex

Cerro Bellavista by Brietta Hague

Is there more to Munich than beer and Oktoberfest? by Mark Hannan

You want visit Auschwitz? By Louise Beech

You are not alone by Neil Matthews

In Bruges (or is it in Brugge?)  By Alistair Richardson

Backpacking myths busted  By Lauren Baldwin

The Cinque Terre, Italy by Gemma Holt

Paradise by Ali Stato

Night River by Anita Goodfellow

Sai Kung by Megan Jones

Richard’s Shanghai by Clare Kane

Pamplona – Running of the Bulls by Cara Hoppe

Hurshimchung in Busan by Linda Chell

The Timeless Inca Trail by Aneeka patel

Pompeii by Matt Aggett

Waterloo Temple by Alan Ferguson

The Pig by Paul O’Connor

A Long Time For Cape Agulhas by Kelly Van Nelson

Bohemian Rhapsody: a long lost weekend in Prague by Phil Larkin

I’m Streaking by Jason Toll

 Trek to Kolli Hills by K. Ramasubramaniyan

Train Trauma and Welsh Rarebits by Steve Cooke

Taking the Pis by Steve Cooke

Malaysia by Melissa Taylor

9 Days in the Jungle by Jill Willis

The Isle of Skye: A microcosm of the Scottish Highlands by Clint Cameron

Andeas Adventures by Catherine Eames

The Magic Man of Beng Mealea by Richard Yershon

The Tragedy of Chernobyl by Mark Mayo

Best in the Country … by Maria Chalkiadis

Learning to Fly by Tracey Price

A little girl called ‘Corn’ by Vincent Van Ross

Corfu by Emma Anderson

Otin: A road less travelled by Kate Morioka

Passive Smoking in Poland by Desta Itote

Walking in the Shadows of Auschwitz by Breanna Gietzel

City of the Dead by Narelle Galligan

Drink with a Tribe by Toby Nowlan

Segs in the City by Natanya Van der Lingen

All That Glitters by Duncan Phillips

Hammersmith Apollo by Meredith Webb

Dusk and Dawn in the Rainforest by Stephen Spencer

Fergburger and the finest walk in the world by Micah Sarut

Float My Boat by Brett Longstaff

Time for healing, Thailand Elephant Haven by Eleanor McIntosh

Peru by Kim Bouwer