X Factor Wagner Carillho, the World Cup disaster and footballer
Wayne Rooney were the most popular phenomena to be talked about in
Facebook-users status updates in 2010.

The World Cup in South Africa was the most popular theme discussed
by British Facebook users, being mentioned more than 3 million times in
their personal updates.

Not surprisingly, the South African noisemaker, the vuvuzela also made it into the top ten list.

Wagner leaves X Factor

Wayne Rooney sex allegations

Rooney also received extra attention because of his contract row
with Manchester United in October, as well as his turbulent personal
life and cheating allegations.

The usual X Factor craze also reached Facebook this year. And
although the competition and its contestants were widely talked about
all over the networking site, it was the Brazilian showman Wagner, who
stole the spotlight, being included in more messages than any other

The list was compiled from the UK’s 26million user status updates.

Worldwide the most mentioned words on the networking site were Justin Bieber, Haiti, iPad, Toy Story 3, iPhone.