Bookies are tipping X-Factor survivor Katie Waissel as the performer to be eliminated from the show this weekend.

The unpopular singer, who this week had to face accusations of a previous recording career, has now been in the bottom three four times. Despite the public not warming to her, she has been saved by the judges each time.

Internet rumours suggest Sunday night’s show could feature a double eviction – an event that would likley see Paige Richardson and Wagner join Katie in the bottom three.

A spokesperson for bookmakers William Hill told The Metro: “Katie has been in the sing-off four times now and we think that she may well be on her way.

“It’s close between Wagner and Paije as to who will join her however.”

The X Factor crowd booed Katie on Sunday night when Aiden Grimshaw was given the boot instead of her, leading to a uncomfortable week for the controversial blonde.

“I don’t understand why things have gone the way they have gone. To be booed as well is just gut-wrenching,” Katie told The Sun.

“To have so much hate against me, I’m just like, ‘What in the hell have I done wrong?’ because I’m not a bad person.

Meanwhile, Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson have been named as the two wannabes least likely to face the chop on Sunday. The talented pair remain firm favourites to make the final of the competition.