Eat up in Pisa

Pisa is situated in Tuscany so you’ll find some wonderful examples of regional cuisine, including Baccala alla Pisana (a type of dried cod which is a speciality of Pisa).

Pisa’s proximity to the coast means that seafood is favoured and fresh.

Check out Bruno (12 Via Luigi Bianchi; 050 560 818) for some fabulous local delights.

Other Italian specialties

You also find great pizza, pasta and gelato in places all over town. The big rule with eating in Pisa is to get as far away from the Leaning Tower as you can. It’s also a student town so it’s a good place to find budget feeds.

For a cheap and colourful culinary experience seek out the Mercato Vettovaglie, a fruit and vegetable market held each morning.


Pisa is in the middle of Italy’s most celebrated wine country – Tuscany – so there’s no shortage of mindblowing vino on offer.

Start off with a Chianti delle Colline Pisane (DOCG) from the Pisan Hills and then work your way through the rest of the wine list.


The water is safe to drink in Pisa.