We know TNT readers can get hot under the collar when it comes to visas though we’re not sure you’ll have the appetite to wade through the treacle of this newly published 97 pages.

Still, we have to believe the gov.uk has a heart and that it’s in the right place, so welcome to the seventh edition of Complaints management guidance: Guidance on how complaints are managed and resolved by UK Visas and Immigration, Immigration Enforcement and Border Force.

Quite a mouthful but the government says, “This guidance will inform you about how the Home Office deals with complaints effectively and efficiently to improve services”.

It includes information about, and we quote, the complaints management structure, types of complaints handled, dealing with complaints, service complaints, minor misconduct complaints, serious/gross misconduct complaints, special circumstances, complaints from children and financial redress.

Well, that just about covers it, but if you want the full Monty, it’s here.