Over one billion people across five continents will cheer on 216 different countries competing for medals and glory. Only the football World Cup is bigger, but with just 32 teams representing, it’s a different kind of global. Not every country is good at football, but every country is good at something, so both fans and athletes will be well represented.
What’s more, London, the capital of capitals, will be the stadium for this unprecedented amount of global fusion. London last hosted the Summer games in 1948, but London and the world have changed a lot since then. With so many fans, athletes and locals getting into the Olympics spirit, we’re sure records will be broken on and off the field!
(Don’t worry if you won’t be in London for the games, some of these will work in every city) 

10 Tips to Hook Up During the Olympics  

1) Olympic small talk – Anyone who has ever been in a city during an Olympics can attest to how friendly the city becomes. This makes people extra approachable, and more open to talking about sporting events and sporting performances. When you say ‘Did you see that swim by Phelps? Or ‘How fast was Usain Bolt last night…’ everyone is passionate and keen to have a chat. People feel linked by these shared experiences.
2) Flagging a la carte – The Olympic schedule is a road map to know what nationalities are going to be competing where. For example, you know that where there are Swedish competitors, there are also Swedish fans. And where there are Swedish fans, there are happy people.
3) Local area knowledge – If Argentina is playing Russia at something and you want to meet Russian fans, you will not find then in the local Walkabout. The flip side being that if you want to meet Australians, and there is a big match or event on, then it would be a perfect time to be there. You need to find out where people from different nationalities choose to watch the event. Research social events, parties, bars, clubs or pretty much any social venue where there will be a high concentration of a particular nationality.
4) International party rules –  Be aware of what people from different countries drink and how they like to party. It makes for classier conversations and shows that you have some international savoir- faire.
5) Learn another language – Everyone speaks some English, so think about the hook up possibilities if you had a second tongue. And bonjour and au revoir aren’t enough to impress the French these days. While it’s also an advantage to know a lesser-known second language like Estonian and impress the hell out of an Estonian babe, we recommend knowing a more widely-spoken language like Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic or French for a linguistic buck shot approach.
6) Accents – London is already an orchestra of exotic accents, but in this environment you can relate it to an Olympic event, trending superstar or issue as a way of saying hello. Remember everyone takes pride in their country when it’s doing well and quick to defend it against negative press. Either way, it will make for good conversation currency.
7) Familiarise yourself with a particular sport – Everyone loves a good armchair quarterback. If you know everything there is to know about ‘insert sport’, you’ll be the reference for anybody who wants player information and stats. If you know about some obscure part of Iceland through your passion for some sport, the girl you’re hitting on will be impressed that you’ve even heard of her humble town.
8) Attend spectator sports with the most sex appeal – Shot put, marathon, weight lifting; won’t find many hotties participating nor attending these events. Increase your chances of meeting sexy fans by attending events with the most sex appeal, such as volleyball, gymnastics, and football.
9) Flagging bull-eyes – Look for indicators of nationality. Usually, not always, there is a very good chance that someone wearing a flag on their shirt or has a flag painted on their face is from that country. With this information, you can use it as a conversation starter to flirt, play or joke with.
10) Initiate or masturbate – Many countries are more shy and/or conservative than your country. If you don’t start the conversation, the conversation could be already dead and something that could’ve happened, won’t. And don’t just limit yourself to bars and clubs, many people think there are rules where you can meet someone, but it could be anytime, anywhere!
By Atlas Al & The Hunger

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