Laquavia Wallace (Laquavia? What will they think of next) was arrested last week by Manatee County police after she allegedly attacked her ex-boyfriend’s penis in his Brandenton home.

According to the police report, which has been obtained by the Huffington Post, Wallace had gone to her ex’s home to pick up their daughter, and when the man invited her inside the two became involved in an argument which apparently started because Wallace “wanted to start another dating relationship with [the victim].”

Now, here’s where the story gets a little bit… well, weird.

It is alleged that when Wallace’s ex refused her advances she became angry and “grabbed [the victim’s] penis with her right hand and began pulling on it, which caused pain.”

It doesn’t deign to enlighten us as to whether or not his penis was out or not at the time, though if it was one would have to ask why.

At any rate, a relative of the man witnessed the incident (so, here’s hoping his cock wasn’t out) and contacted the police.

When asked whether or not he wished to press charges against Ms Wallace, the man declined, but Manatee County police have gone ahead anyway and have charged the 22-year-old Wallace with domestic battery.

Ms Wallace also ended up spending a night in Brandenton local jail, before being released the next day having posted bail.

She has also been banned from having any contact with her ex, or his genitals.

This Laquavia lady must have huge hands, or a very firm grip.