The 24-year-old didn’t miss the irony of his condom dropping incident while promoting a children’s animated film.

When Today presenter Matt Lauer asked Efron to describe what happened, he raised an eyebrow and said: “I don’t want to take you through it.”

But he confirmed that he did drop the condom onto the red carpet at the premiere of the new Dr. Seuss film The Lorax.

He joked: “I never really had a pocket checking policy prior to going onto the red carpet but now I have full instated one.”

Efron, who is rumoured to be dating actress Lily Collins, 22, added that safe sex was “a great message to add to the many messages of the film”.

When things got rally awkward, Lauer tried to turn conversation to Efron’s production company.

“You’ve got your own production company,” he said before laughing.

“And that’s a bad pun, by the way: your own production company.”