This little Scottish comedian – should that be wee Scottish comedian? – is perhaps one of the biggest stars to come out of the current crop of comics that you probably haven’t heard of too much of… yet. But here’s a bunch of reasons why you should have, why he is particularly great at the stand-up, and why you should check him out this weekend. 

He is a comedian in a similar vein to Russell Howard in that he is young, jumpy (in physical demeanour not personality or relationship traits) and very much of a current crop of comedians who will be headed only for bigger and bigger things. Watch this space! 

He is playing not one but TWO nights at the Royal Albert Hall – (admittedly at the slightly smaller Elgar Room as opposed to the main hall, but still… the Royal Albert Hall!) 

He is a self-confessed ‘half-man, half-Xbox’ which we just love. Despite making this proclamation several years ago he is still a confessed die-hard gamer. 

One of his earlier routines involved telling the audience how his brother tricked him into miming an oral sex act to his mum – only to find that people then began doing this to him in the street. Which we find is the funniest out ‘n’ about hommaging we have ever heard of. 

And he is stopping off in town to tour his new show Really…? to town, and we recommend checking out the wee observational man (did we say wee yet?) 

When: December 5 & 6 / 8.15pm
Where: Royal Albert Hall, Elgar Room, SW7 2AP
Cost: £16.50
Tube: South Kensington