McDermott’s final performance at the Enmore wasn’t exactly a concert, but it wasn’t exactly a comedy performance, either.

The show, Paul Sings! was set against a backdrop of three freakishly odd paintings taken from past McDermott television shows that made you tilt your head in curiosity, displaying the wicked humour that only a comedian like McDermott can unleash.

An essential part of the show, a four-piece band, joined McDermott onstage featuring a bassist, drummer, guitarist and an accordion player, all of whom knew how to play a string or two with the utmost of ease and brilliance.

McDermott is quick to differentiate himself from the drama and theatre crowd who live for song and dance; however, weaved throughout his skit were sets of original songs written for his shows like The Sideshow that showed off his incredible set of pipes rather than his wit as a comedian. The songs weren’t funny – in fact, they never once evoked even so much as a giggle from the audience.

Instead, they conveyed a deeper meaning, exhibiting darker undertones and the strangely twisted mentality of comedy they were striving for.  

McDermott’s jokes seemed to topically graze a little bit of everything but were often not the most engaging of stories. Paul Sings! was light on the comedy but did seem to have the crowd chuckling away, some even interacting during the performance (“I want to have your babies, Paul!”).

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Of course he heckled a few latecomers, an easy target and an even easier way to heighten the energy and laughter of the crowd. He jokingly asked for song requests, although he continued to play what he wanted, rather than listen to the audience.

The show’s golden moment was the private and intimate encore that McDermott organised in the impressive auditorium of the Enmore. Just a four-piece band, a comedian with a voice that could stop people in their steps, and hundreds of fans huddled together, filtering out to the top of the ornate staircase.

No matter how the show went, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Photos: Instagram, Sydney Comdey Festival

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