Party season has well and truly arrived, so to help you fix up your festive wardrobe, we’ve enlisted some of London’s stylists. Here’s how to not look like a sequined mentalist, and how to pull off the most notorious of Christmas jumpers …

The girls

1940s glamour helped by faux fur and feather embellishments will be out in force. As will brash prints, bright cocktail dresses, black leather and suede, plus jumpsuits for the brave.

Keep legs toasty with patterned tights from stores like Asos ( Statement shoes are a must-have, says Louise Kenny, owner of fashion boutique Loula Creates ( Her top tip is to break in new heels with some chunky socks so you don’t hobble through the night. Novelty items can work if worn right – stylist Katie Rose says Christmas jumpers can be cool, if paired with a mini-skirt, beaten-up Chelsea boots, bed hair and tons of mascara. Pull off tacky Christmas tree earrings with a tasteful black dress.

Sequins always come out for Christmas. But to sparkle well, less is more. Never match sequined shoes to a sequined bag unless you want to look like a disco ball.

A shocking 18 per cent of 18-35-year-old women who have spotted someone in the same Christmas party outfit have admitted to sabotaging the other person’s ensemble, according to a survey by clothing retailer TK Maxx. But the spoiled-child look never works.

The biggest Christmas party getup disaster Alise Trautmane has seen, was a woman dressed as Santa’s elf. The founder and head designer at Narciss, Westbourne Grove, says costumes should be kept for Halloween only.

The boys

Chunky, preppy knitwear is big but so are fun patterns and flashes of colour – think bright-purple socks poking out from dark shoes. Thanks to TOWIE, bow ties are also where it’s at for the boys this year.

Keep it relaxed but smart. Shirt buttons should be done right up or casual T-shirts and chunky knitted tops teamed with dapper suit jackets this Christmas.

If you’re man enough, pick up some pointed leather patent party shoes. Dune ( and Topman ( are good places to look.

Katie Rose’s top tip for boys adamant on rocking their Christmas jumper is to dress it up with a pair or suit trousers.

To avoid looking like a festive drag act, ditch anything with sequins. No joke is that funny.

Be careful with Tuxedos. Too big and you’ll look like Macauly Culkin in Richie Rich. Too small and you’ll pop buttons when you hit the mince pies.

It’s also a pretty bad idea to match your outfit with your girlfriend or family member – you will look stupid.