The Cameron Diaz rom-com attracted 14% of the vote in a poll to find the best movies to watch with a hangover. The research, carried out by LOVEFiLM, marks the launch of The Hangover: Part II, which is now available on the service.

Coming in at number two (no pun intended) in the list is swinging sixties agent Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Mike Myers’ ruffled collar, blue velvet suit and catchy lines reeled in 13% of the vote, cementing its place as a sofa-day favourite. Following closely behind in third place is Johnny English Reborn, the adventure starring hapless Rowan Atkinson trying to prevent global chaos by foiling an assassination attempt. The unlikely government agent snared 12% of viewers’ votes.

According to LOVEFiLM’s reserach, the definitive top ten films to watch with a fuzzy head and sour wine breath are as follows:

1.) There’s Something About Mary – 14%

2.) Austin Powers International Man of Mystery – 13%

3.) Johnny English Reborn – 12%

4.) Bridesmaids – 11%

5.) A Knights Tale – 9%

6.) The Parent Trap (1998) – 7%

7.) Dodgeball – 6%

8.) Friends With Benefits – 5%

9.) Me, Myself and Irene – 4%

10.) The Look of Love – 3%

TNT is perplexed and slightly worried that A Fish Called Wanda and Ghostbusters didn’t make the cut, but we’ll bring this up with LOVEFiLM later on.

Image credit: Facebook