The research, conducted by, revealed just how many adults around the UK lose out on sleep due to their excitement surrounding going on holiday – and which people look forward to the most. In total, 1,853 people were asked.

When asked, ‘Did you lose sleep the night before your last holiday abroad due to the excitement about going away?’ 33% of those taking part said ‘yes’. When asked to estimate how much sleep they’d lost due to excitement before their trip, the average answer given by respondents was ‘three hours’. Yikes.

The survey also revealed that 27% of the Britons interviewed revealed they suffered from stress or anxiety before their holiday, with most people worried about oversleeping or accidentally forgetting something.

With approximately 29.4 million visits abroad for holidays by UK adults last year and 33% admitting to losing an average of three hours’ sleep due to excitement per trip, that means that, collectively, adult British holidaymakers are losing more than 29 million hour’s worth of sleep out of excitement each year; or 1 million days.

Image credit: Thinkstock