Getting active: The benefits

Taking part in physical activity helps to develop healthy bones, heart and lungs, and also improves motor skills and cognitive function. Whether you just want to be more health-conscious, or are genuinely concerned about specific diseases, exercise can help. Perhaps you suffer from a bad back, or you’re worried about high blood pressure? Maybe a family member has suffered with arthritis, osteoporosis or even cancer? Regular exercise can help prevent the onset of disease and, as part of your day-to-day routine, it will not only help you to live longer – it will also make you feel better.

At the same time, exercise can support your mental health and wellbeing, and may even help alleviate anxiety or depression. Taking part in even moderate activity provides significant benefits for mental welfare. For example, walking is a great low-impact form of exercise which can be performed almost anywhere. Groups like Spice London run regular guided walks where you can take part in some gentle physical activity in lovely locations with like-minded individuals.

Group up to kill two birds with one stone

Do you often find you’re too busy with work and family life to fit in regular exercise, let alone a social life? Group sporting activities provide you with a great excuse to hang out with friends, and get fit. Plus, you are more likely to stay motivated (and keep exercising) if you are doing it in a social and fun way – and with people that you like.

Also, by combining physical activity with your social life, you will save time – why waste your morning or lunchtime in a gym, when you can be having fun with friends and exercising at the same time?

Outdoor adventure activities to feel calmer

If you’re already fit, maybe it’s time to try something slightly more extreme. How about outdoor adventure activities? Get the adrenaline pumping, and see the results within weeks. Exciting activities like white water rafting, rally driving or wing-walking can boost health and wellbeing; not only will you get a chance to connect with nature and other people, but you are likely to see an increase in your personal skills, self-reliance and resourcefulness. Spice London put on frequent high-adrenaline activities, including hot air ballooning, power-boating, and even fire-eating.

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