From juicy pork ribs to the classic ham sandwich, pork finds its way into various delicious recipes around the world. Here are some of the most popular pork recipes around the globe you should try.

1.Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja means platter in Spanish. And Bandeja means someone who comes from the Paisa region. A Bandeja Paisa is a generous meal that contains ground meat, white rice, red beans cooked with pork, hogao sauce, chorizo, plantain or patacones, avocado, lemon, black pudding or morcilla, and arepa. This Spanish dish has evolved over the years with different people using different ingredients for cooking pork with red beans. But the platter consists of all the items mentioned here.


Carnitas means “little meats.” This Mexican cuisine first started in Michoacán. It made an immediate impact on food-lovers, especially those who loved pork. You can make Carnitas by simmering or braising pork in oil. Alternatively, you can also simmer it in lard until it becomes juicy and tender. You will require picnic ham cuts of pork to make Carnitas. Make sure you simmer the meat for at least an hour and a half to make it soft.

3.Smoked pork butt

Smoked pork butt or Boston butt gets its name from the Latin word “Buttis.” New England butchers carried their prized pork cuts like shoulders and hams in barrels. Buttis means barrels in Latin. You need to slow cook the pork shoulder in a smoker with wood chunks underneath. It is an incredibly delicious dish with hints of various types of ingredients in it. You should serve it with bread and mixed sauce.


Bak-kut-teh is a traditional dish served in Singapore and Malaysia. The name of this dish means “meat bone tea.” Don’t worry; you will not get pork cooked in tea. Instead, tea, here, refers to the spices and herbs. You need to simmer and slow cook meaty pork ribs in a broth after combining all the herbs and spices. Malaysians have bread along with Bak-kut-the to make it a wholesome meal.

5.Pork pie

As the name suggests, it is a unique form of pie. This British dish consists of pork jelly and roughly chopped pork sealed inside a hot water crust pastry. Make sure the crust pastry is fluffy. Pork pie started in Melton Mowbray, one of the villages in Leicestershire, England. It is now one of the most popular pork dishes around the world.


Although Vindaloo is an Indian dish, it derives its name from a Portuguese recipe called “carne de vinha d’alhos.” Unlike the Portuguese recipe that uses red wine and garlic to marinate the pork, you need to use vinegar and garlic, along with other spices in Vindaloo. It is usually a spicy dish served with hot white rice.

Some of the other dishes that are also widely popular are Porchetta, Ham sandwich, Ciccioli, Moo shu pork, and Char siu. Try searching for these recipes in detail and make them one by one. Some of them may take time to prepare, but they taste heavenly.