If you think Canadians aren’t healthy beings, you are very wrong. Sushi is a classic way to dine both at home or also out in the city of Toronto and is a great way to stay in shape through diet. You can order from a popular Sushi place, of which there is great choice of restaurants. Healthy food options are very much the thing in this cosmopolitan city, that takes its flavours from around the world, as well as fully-appreciated home-grown recipes.

Vegetarian and vegan food are becoming more and more acceptable in the city; many dwellers and visitors alike are choosing to eat healthily via plant-based meals containing dishes made with vegan homemade cashew cheese or vegan banana and coconut caramel, for instance.

Organic food delivery is on the up too. As the Toronto-Canadian palate discerns for more quality and good tasting food, so in turn does the need for fresh, non-pesticide dinners; especially fruit and veg grown locally and in the best conditions that taste so much sweeter, fresher and crisper. A classic somewhat trendy organic fruit which usually hails from Asia, is the Jackfruit, often used as an alternative to meat-based dishes.

If we’re thinking trendy localised food, then we should consider mash-up meals in the city of Toronto too. Mash-ups have been popularised by social media and many a Toronto resident can be seen taking pictures of their mash-up dinners. Mash-ups are often over-the-top and a collision of different styles of food in the same dish. Examples include sushi burritos where Eastern influences meet Latin-American across the world in Canada.

In Toronto you can also take a step into the fascinating world of Aboriginal cuisine too in home food delivery. The first Aboriginal restaurant opened in Toronto in the last few years and has spiralled tastes to mirror it in other eateries. Lots of the food is fried, but you should definitely try elk stew, Navajo tacos and seal tartare. These dishes are what food critics were made for. It beats eating reindeer in Barcelona hands down!

Syrian fooderies are also popping up. Syrians are the newest peoples to come to Toronto, so the food is much sought after. The Filipino population of the city is quite large too, so you’ll find a host of Filipino take-homes to choose from on the menus.

Drinks are quite the thing to have with your take-home dinner too in Canada. A good example is drinks containing charcoal, known for its properties in addressing wind. Another example is luxurious and exuberant milkshakes. Hoja Luwei restaurant has a cocktail of milk teas: Jasmine milk tea, Assam milk tea or traditional Chinese oolong milk tea. Hoja Luwei also sells smoothies galore: grapefruit, honeydew, lychee or passion fruit – to name but a few.

So, as you can see, the Toronto-based resident can dine with very guilty pleasure. The food tastes that define the culture and very being of the city are vast and varied. Healthy food is definitely on the menu, and sushi take-aways for home-lover diners are on the agenda. The sushi way, is a way that many in the city enjoy most regularly.