Tick Everett, Amy’s father took to social media to describe the family’s devastation and laid down a challenge to the trolls:

“I know for some suicide is considered cowardly but I guarantee those people wouldn’t have half the strength that my precious little angel had, Doll had the strength to do what she thought she had to do to escape the evil in this world,” he wrote on Facebook.

“However, unfortunately, Dolly will never know the great pain and emptiness left behind.

“If by some chance the people who thought this was a joke and made themselves feel superior by the constant bullying and harassment see this post, please come to our service and witness the complete devastation you have created.

“Let’s stop the bullies no matter where, but especially in our kids, as the old saying goes. You will never know what [you] have until it’s gone.”

The family have created a campaign to combat cyberbullying – Dolly’s Dream and the hashtags #doitforDolly and #stopbullyingnow are to help create awareness of bullying and mental health.

A commemoration service will be held in Katherine, NT at the Casuarina Street Primary School on Friday.