Slots are the most popular casino game of all and bring in the most revenue to casinos on and offline.

The origin of slot machines stems back to 1887 when the poker machine was created by Sittman and Pitt. Since then, various technological advancements and milestones occurred which contributed to the slots we know today:

  • 1891 – Charles August Fey created the first slot machine, called the liberty bell which had an automatic payout
  • 1907 – Herbert Mills developed the original fruit machine with the BAR symbol
  • 1964 – Bally created the Money Honey which was the first electromechanical slot machine
  • 1976 – Courtesy of Fortune Coin Co, the first video slot machine game emerged in the mid-seventies
  • 1996 – WMS Industries Inc released “Reel ‘Em”, the first slot game with a bonus round on a second screen

Today the attraction to both on and offline slots are as follows;

  • Low betting options make slots affordable to all
  • There’s an extensive variety of slot games to choose from
  • Learning how to play slots is quick and easy
  • Players can see the slot machines with the best odds of winning by looking up the RTP (Return to play percentage) before they play
  • Animated digital graphics keep customers engaged for longer
  • Generous cash prizes to be won by the click of a button or pull of a lever
  • Slots are exciting to play as such they’re an ideal form of entertainment and a way to relieve stress

Besides the similarities online slot games and slot machines share. There are also a few distinct differences that cause customers to vouch for and use one, the other, or a combination of both.

Online Slots

During the emergence of the internet in the ’90s, the first online casinos began forging their presence. To begin with, classics such as roulette and blackjack were added to casino sites, later on, slots were added too.

Over time, the popularity of slot games outweighed other casino games and began to form the majority in each casino’s gaming collection.

Here’s a look into why people enjoy and, in some cases, prefer online slots to other casino classics and even the land-based slot.

Access Anywhere

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Access becomes readily available for online gamblers wherever they are 24/7.

There’s no need for gamblers to venture to the local casino to play online slots, they can play from their own home. Making it both a convenient and accessible game for all to play. Particularly for those who don’t live near any casinos.

Advancements in mobile phones and their increased affordability, have helped slot games online maintain and grow their player base.

Extensive Variety

The popularity of online slots has led more gaming companies to focus their efforts on creating a range of diverse and interesting themes for online slot games to attract and engage customers. As such, online slot players are spoilt for choice.

Equally, no limit on floor space, as with a regular land-based casino means, there’s no restriction on the number of games online gambling providers can host.

Non-Restricted Playing Hours

Different shift patterns, social calendars, commitments, and so forth mean not everyone’s free time aligns with the opening and closing days and times of land-based casinos. This is why playing online slots for many is preferable because there are no time limits to play.

Signup Bonuses

The mass of incentives offered by numerous casino companies online is often too much for customers to pass up. From matched deposit bonuses to free spins on a choice slot game. Having the luxury to play initially for little to no cash often outweighs players heading to a casino to play on the slot machines.

Slot Machines

While the number of online slots differences and benefits outweigh those of slot machines. Slot machines hold their place on the casino floor due to the above similarities with online slots and the following;

Glamorous Environments

The casino environment tends to be rich and suave in appearance. From chandeliers to lush red carpets, the surroundings are undeniably pleasant to be within. Which is one of a few reasons why people opt to play slots at the casino, rather than, or as well as online.

A few of the most famous and luxurious casinos in the world to visit include the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, and the Sun City Casino in South Africa.

Most of which are also hotel and casino resorts, that also have their shopping malls, a string of restaurants, and other activities such as the Venetian resort in las vegas which offers gondola rides.

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Sociable Gambling

Friends and family can make an event of going to the casino and playing their games of choice. The enjoyment and laughter with loved ones as you all hope for a win, of course, makes playing slots at the casino that more exciting.

Lots of slots to Peruse

While the land-based casino will never offer the same amount of games as online gambling platforms. There are multiple casinos with hundreds of square meters made to accommodate hundreds of slots. For instance, The Bellagio, in particular, has 2000 slot games for customers to choose from!

The number of benefits under online slots, such as incentives, convenience, and so forth, would have one think, they may eventually take over their land-based counterparts.