A good example is smartphone technology that has transferred the gaming industry in ways never seen before. Today, DraftKings players can place bets on-the-go using mobile apps or via mobile-friendly websites.

However, the smartphone revolution is not the only change that has come to the gambling industry. Many other emerging technologies are changing the way punters places their bets. Even the way people play online games on betting sites and casinos continue to change. Thus, the big question everyone keeps asking is which are the most impactful technologies on the gambling enterprise? Also find out why Usain Bolt has retired from Football. Let’s look at some of them.

Cashless Payments

Cashless payments have become indispensable in the gambling enterprise. Land-based gambling enterprises are fast fading, paving the way for revolutionary ways of placing bets on gaming sites. A perfect example of cashless payments is using Visa and MasterCard to fund a gambling account. Online banking systems and Cryptocurrencies have become popular in the gaming industry.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality has already taken the gambling industry by storm. Oculus is a perfect example of how gaming is fast changing. Today, you can also enjoy virtual gaming experience on your smartphone hassle-free. Poker sites and web-based casinos have also embraced virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to give gamblers a newfound immersive gaming experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Another technology that continues to change the way punters and gamblers place bets is artificial intelligence. While artificial intelligence has only got better by the years, its future looks brighter than ever. Think about chat bots on gaming sites and how they are making it easy to contact customer service personnel. Another good example of AI in the gambling industry is bet builder tools.

Many websites now have bet builder tools, making it possible to intelligence make selections and place bets. Even deposits and withdrawals on your favourite gambling sites are powered by artificial intelligence. In a nutshell, AI is making betting and gambling on the web more seamless, convenient and safe.

Gambling Apps

Soon, gambling sites are poised to shift their attention to developing gaming apps. While app stores such as Google Play does not accommodate most gaming apps, punters can still download them on iTunes store and as APK files on gambling sites. Gambling applications for mobile devices are the newfound way of convenience, secure gaming and safety of punters. You can play anywhere and anytime without using a computer.

Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Modeling

Another technology that is changing the gambling industry is machine learning, big data and predictive modelling. Gaming websites process do process thousands of payments within minutes. The power behind such a possibility is a big data technology and machine learning. Predictive modelling helps with automatic logins. It is the same technology that Google users to remember your passwords for websites that you often use.