While scientists and business analysts are still trying to understand the long-term aftermath of the disease – and there is no news about a vaccine yet – people are not waiting and are actively trying to adjust themselves to the new reality.

We know that many have been laid off from their jobs or were forced to close the doors of their businesses with an uncertainty about compensations or when lockdowns would end. Lately, though, we see that those who have been left with nothing but worries about money, have found a way to reinvent themselves and get back in the game. This reality is the result of one main factor: the power of the World Wide Web. That’s right, people are finding new ways to secure an income through virtual trade and commerce. Online sales are not limited to big retailers anymore, and even the smallest of shops can nowadays easily vend their goods on the internet (as well as the freelancer offering service).

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Meet the new world of campaign management

Let’s take a step back and understand how this happened. What used to be a small niche called “advertising online”, reserved for only those who knew how to do it (and had the money for it), is now open to almost anyone with even the smallest of budgets. Tech giants such as Facebook and Google are to thank for that originally – anyone with a little cash can post an ad on these platforms and sell whatever they desire.

However, as more and more people realized the potential of marketing via campaigns online, the virtual playground became too crowded. And we all know that when it gets too crowded, once again only the strong financially are able to hold their heads above the water. Fear not, though, because this is when online marketing companies like Crystalead and others enter the scene, with a goal to let the small players get a piece of the pie.

How does it work? Simple. These digital platform analyze your business, your budget, your goals and your capacity to handle commerce online and suit you up with a plan for online campaigns. With the help of their lead acquisition, targeting plans and connections, they are able to put your campaign where they believe it would achieve the best exposure.

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Pros and cons

As with every other financial decision a business makes, there are some things to be considered here. On the ‘pros’ side, we can definitely put the time you don’t have to waste in order to figure out how to advertise yourself properly. And in this case, time really does equal money, since you save yourself the hassle of trying to understand how online advertising really works – and don’t forget that potential mistakes you make along the way can come at a cost.

The ‘con’ side is that you do have to pay them for their services. There are different campaign plans for different budgets, and they vary from a few dollars to hundreds a day. This means that if you know how to professionally do it yourself and have the time for it (and mind you, it requires a lot of time), maybe it’s best to do it yourself. You must also be aware that there are a lot of digital marketing platforms out there, but not all of them are professionals and some are scammers as well. That is why you need to choose a proven name and reading reviews can certainly help you with that. There are enough credible choices out there, such as Crystalead mentioned earlier son.

To sum it up

COVID-19 has brought with it a lot of unexpected developments – most of them on the unfortunate side. However, the ability of small businesses to persevere and shift their activities to the virtual world is one positive development that can’t be underestimated. Even after the virus is controlled, this will have a major effect on how business is done globally and locally.