The Sleep Foundation says that the amount and quality of sleep a child gets can negatively affect their health and how they do in school. Studies show a lack of sleep is tied to obesity; Psychology Today suggests that a lack of sleep changes the secretion of hormones in the body leading to weight gain and overeating. They also suggest that behavioural issues such as ADHD may be tied to a lack of sleep. The Kids Health website says, “Everything that’s alive needs sleep to survive.”

Many kids hate slowing down long enough to go to sleep. They’re not tired, they want another story or a snack. For older children, it’s the lure of electronic gadgets that keep them up. Unfortunately, the light from TVs or handheld devices stimulate the brain and decrease emissions of the hormone melatonin, which aids sleep.

Fortunately, there is also technology that can help parents in their quest to encourage better sleep patterns in their children. Wearable technology can not only help parents understand the quality and amount of sleep that they’re kids are getting, they also help parents track physical activity. Let’s look at 10 of the best sleep trackers on the market today and how they can help parents in their inevitable quest to get their children to go night night.

Counting Sheep Sleep Trackers

Some of the best sleep and activity trackers on the market have an app that can allow parents to check their child’s motion — and lack of motion. What may be surprising is that there are wearable devices, but also other options for parents that don’t require the child to wear anything at all.

Here are 10 good sleep trackers to check out today:

1. Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids
We already know that Fitbit has cornered the market for wearable fitness devices. Now there is an adorable mini-Fitbit band made just for kids. The Ace is made from tough yet colourful materials. Your little dude can wear it to the shower or the beach. It’s made for ages eight and up and tracks activity and steps as well as sleep.

The device syncs with iOS and Android so Mom and Dad, on a family account, can keep a watchful eye on sleep patterns and overall activity. Kids unlock cool badges by completing activities — including going to bed on time. The Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids costs around $99.00, so pick up Fitbit promo codes here or over here to save a little green on this cool sleep tool.

2. ResMed Personal Sleep Tracker
This is such a cool device, one for each member of the family may be appropriate. While ResMed primarily makes CPAP masks for sleep apnea, they also make a pretty cool non-wearable sleep tracking device. It sits next to the person’s bed (child or adult) and tracks things like breathing, ambient noise and temperature, the amount of light in the room, and more. Like a lot of smart devices, the ResMed device is personalized, providing daily scores for sleeping on colourful charts that help parents see immediately what is happening when the lights go out at night.

3. Withings Aura
The Withings Aura is more than a night light, more than a sleep tracker, and more than an alarm for a sleepy head. It’s actually all of these things — and more. This device is a non-wearable sensor that ties to a mobile app. There are different coloured lights that change from a “go to sleep”colour to a “wake up colour.” There’s a white noise machine and alarm clock. In fact, this sleep tracker does everything but make the morning waffles.

However, it comes with one of the highest price tags on this list – you can find Withings free shipping deals here, along with other Withings promo codes.

4. Oura Ring
For kids who are a little older, there is the Oura Sleep Tracker Ring (currently, Oura has a $75 off promo code, plus a few other offers). The app has all the functions we’ve discussed in the other devices on the list. However, this new technology is definitely not for a six-year-old — more like a 16-year-old.

5. Garmin Vivofit Jr.
Not to be outdone, Garmin has a nice, colourful activity tracker called the Vivofit Jr. (discounts here, here). It has the same features of the Fitbit and the price is comparable. However, the designs are perhaps a bit more kid-friendly.

6. SleepIQ for Kids
Here’s an unexpected sleep tracker; Sleep Number has put the technology into a child’s bed. The SleepIQ for Kids mattress integrates a sleep monitor and phone app into an adjustable, high-quality bed. Sure, it’s pricey (although Sleep Number does offer free shipping promo codes and occasional other deals), but having a bed that tilts up when the child has a stuffy nose is a big plus during cold and flu season. The app also lets parents turn off the lights in the child’s room. This smart bed has a sensor that turns on an under-the-bed light if the child gets up in the night. We love the app, too; there is even a monster detector that will help a little one rest easier knowing there is nothing in the bed or closet to get them.

7. Beddit Sleep Monitor
The Beddit Sleep Monitor (promo codes & discounts available) doesn’t require parents to buy an expensive bed. This is a flat little device that slips into the bed and under a sheet. There’s no watch to wear. The Beddit tracks how much and how deeply a child sleeps. The intuitive app runs smart analytics so parents can see trends in sleep patterns quickly and easily. There’s even an alarm for those lazy bones that have trouble getting up in the morning. The only thing to worry about? Bedwetting.

8. Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor
Just like the Beddit, which was recently snatched up by Apple, the Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor turns any bed smarter. This bed monitor fits between the mattress and boxspring, which might be better for the fidgety child that might start playing with the Beddit, which just slips under the covers on the top of the mattress.

The Beautyrest device (p.s. – a few promo codes here and here) notes when the child (or adult) has fallen asleep and records respirations and heartbeat. This is one smart device; there is an artificial intelligence engine in the technology that can tell the difference between deep sleep (REM) and light or restless sleep. The app analyzes how the person sleeps and then makes suggestions for getting more shut-eye.

Here’s a good article from Digital Trends on this device.

9. X-Doria KidFit
This sleep tracker comes in the form of a wearable watch. It’s the lowest priced sleep tracker on the market, with a focus on the five to 13-year-old market. The KidFit is water resistant and has a seven-day battery. 

10. LeapFrog LeapBand

Last but not least is the LeadFrog LeapBand, which is a whole lot more than an activity and sleep tracking device (LeapFrog has a few discounts here or here). By playing a variety of interactive games throughout the day, this fitness watch will be sure to wear out a child so that their sleep at night will be uninterrupted and deep.