Paige Turley

Love Island Winner

We caught up with Love Island winner, Paige Turley to find out about life after Love Island, and her charity run in remembrance of a friend.

Paige Turley first graced our screens back when she was 14 as a rather talented teenage singer on Britain’s Got Talent. She made it all the way to the Semi-finals. She then disappeared from the limelight until she appeared on Love Island back in 2020.

Her and TV partner Finn Tapp not only went on to win on Love Island, but it turns out they are winning at life too as their relationship continued to blossom off-screen, and they remain together now.

We chatted to Paige to find out more about what she’s been up to.

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Image source: Paige Turley (Instagram) note: that’s not Finn, just some random conductor…

So let’s focus on the reason we’re chatting today. You’re running London Landmark Half Marathon, raising awareness for a really important cause of mental health. What can you tell us about that?

So the reason that I decided to run the half marathon was I lost a friend in late November. It was such a rupture within the community and we really want to keep his memory alive and raise awareness. And because there were so many people who were obviously struggling after the loss of Jamie, I was like, “What can I do to help?”

There’s a few things that are going to be happening in the community. There’s people putting on charity football matches in memory of him. I mean, I’m not much of a football player so this seemed like something I could do to contribute.

So I was like, “What I can I do to help” God forbid, this happens to anyone else. You know, in a similar position to Jamie. So that was the reasons as to why. I thought, right, my dad, he’s ran a marathon. It’s actually 20 years to the day, I’m sure, that he ran a full marathon.

I mean, I couldn’t run a 3K before I started this, so the full marathon, I was like, “That’s completely out the window, absolutely no chance.” But the London Landmarks Half Marathon, I thought, right, you know what, let’s keep our head down and let’s work up to it. So that’s the reason as to why I’ve decided to run.

Sounds like a really important cause. Mental health is just occurring so much more nowadays and, you know. I’m going just lightly touch on Love Island, the influencer- social media dynamic. Because, you know, it’s a weird world that you’ve found yourself in, I guess. There’s a certain responsibility, there’s people suffering with body dysmorphia and setting unrealistic expectations on themselves. But then, flip side of that, there’s influencers that are also struggling with exactly the same problems that people that are consuming are also struggling with. How do you find that? How do you sort of navigate that? It’s quite a minefield, really.

I actually struggled with it.

I wasn’t actually on the digital side of things. I wasn’t an influencer when I went in there, so it was like, you suddenly come out and you’ve got what feels like the eyes of the world on you.

So then you’ve got a big weight of responsibility to make sure that the kind of stuff you’re putting out there is good and it’s not going to be damaging. A lot of the influencers can be quite vain and fickle. So I don’t want to just be that person who’s putting up pictures and going, “Oh, do you know where do you get your dress from?” or whatever.

So I wanted to do something positive and give back to people as well as have the nice pictures on Instagram or whatever. But that’s how much a huge responsibility it is, I’m very aware of now.

And do you know what? Since I’ve been advertising my fundraising run and putting all this out, there’s been so many people that have messaged me. Like even mums that have got daughters and sons that are struggling.

So, back to the run. I’ve taken part in some pretty gruelling charity bike rides, but I can’t think of anything worse than doing a long run. How is the training going? Is it familiar territory for you? Or is it a new experience?

No, absolutely not. I’m not going to lie, there are some days that I could just throw the towel in. Before this, I really struggled to run a 3K! I’ve found it’s a mind over miles. To be fair, you’ve just got to get on with it. I’ve been doing it for weeks now so the training has been quite gruesome, but we’re getting there.

We’re obsessed with travel at TNT and you’ve seen your fair share of the world, and done some solo travel I think as well, which is one of our passions here. If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Ooh, do you know what? I keep thinking about Marrakesh. I think Marrakesh is probably going to be my next go-to. I loved travelling to Bali and down to south-east Asia, and I would eventually love to go back to Bali and Thailand because they were just stunning. But I think the next trip will be Marrakesh

You started off life with a real urge to sing and you gained positive reactions from the judges on your very young appearance of Britain’s Got Talent. So you clearly have some potential. Is that still the dream? Is that where you’d like to be? Is that where you see your future?

Yeah, I mean, I wish I wasn’t an influencer and you just kind of get slapped with that title, it comes with it’s benefits. But I studied music and stuff beforehand, and that was always what I did before Love Island. So definitely something that I’ve been working on in studios since the show. And I’ve actually got a first release coming up next month and a couple after that. So that’s the aim of the game. Trying to just focus on music more rather than the influencing.

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Paige will be running in the London Landmark Half Marathon at the beginning of April this year. She’s set up as Just Giving page to support the very worthy cause of Mental Health UK and remember her friend Jamie who passed away last year at the ‘far too young’ age of 20.

You can show your support by donating here.