Floods continue to batter Thailand, Italy and Dublin, Ireland, with a mounting death toll. Videos of the flooding have been amoung Youtube’s most shared uploads this week.

In Thailand, tourists have been advised to avoid travelling to Bangkok, unless urgent. Floods have lead to a mass evacuation of the city as heavy rainfall continues to batter the country.

More than 350 people have been killed by the floods in Thailand and tens of thousands of Bangkok residents have been ordered to evacuate.

Youtube is inundated with video clips of the Thailand floods, in this one a crocodile, one of 100 said to have escaped into the waters around Bangkok, has been captured and put in a boat.

In Ireland two people were killed in the floods earlier this week and many more were stranded by the waters.

Dublin City Council activated a major emergency plan to deal with the severe flooding, while 18 people had to be rescued on boats after floods swept through a Co Tyrone village, leaving residents trapped in their homes.

In one of the many Youtube videos of the Dublin floods, a bus fills with water from an overflowing canal.

Italy has also been hit by severe weather and nine people have been killed in the floods, while six others remain missing on the Italian Riviera.

According to officials, 50cm of rain has fallen over the last 24 hours.

Floods have destroyed roads and bridges, and several towns in Italy’s Liguria region remain cut off from the outside world.

Rome escaped with little damage, despite being placed under a flood alert.

Footage of Monterosso has been one of the most-viewed videos in Italy this week.