The 1957 movie, The Girl in the Kremlin about Stalin starts with one of the most disturbing scenes in cinematic history. Stalin initially muses about which female prisoner to choose. He chooses Dasha, the smallest and most beautiful girl. She is then dragged to a stool while two officers hack at her waist-length hair. They finish by covering her head with foam and shave her head completely, as she stares into the camera. The stills of Dasha were used in the movie ads to shock. In truth, Dasha plays little part in the rest of the movie. But forcibly shaving a woman’s head? For many, that’s the stuff of nightmares.

The Trauma of Hair Loss

As mentioned, while few people openly talk about hair loss due to embarrassment, many people have a deep-seated fear of being bald. In many people’s opinion, the American TV series Fear Factor took things way too far when a woman had her eyebrows ripped off, and her head shaved bald.

During the process, the woman pleads, no,  and sobs uncontrollably, as her long hair is shawn. Her husband holds her hand, calming her as she shakes, soothing her by saying, Brave woman.

‘Girls are so funny about their hair,’ observed Fear Factor’s host Joe Rogan.

Indeed they damn well are. And men are too!

The loss of hair can be traumatic, especially for women. Oncologists note that after informing many female patients they have cancer and require treatment, one of the first questions many women ask is, ‘Will I lose my hair?’

This question seems absurd in light of a cancer diagnosis, but it’s still a significant concern, however far the chips are down.

Hair Loss As We Age

Aside from taking part in crazy competitions, and losing hair during cancer treatment, most men and women experience worrying hair loss in the course of their lifetime.

As we age, we lose hair. That is a sad fact about aging, along with losing our looks, hearing, eyesight, mobility, flexibility, cognitive abilities, and strength. Very few of us escape the aging process without significant decline. But losing hair is one thing many of us struggle to come to terms with.

Men who have lost hair can find they are the butt of bald jokes and cringe when their most sensitive worry is brought to the forefront in public.

Hair loss can affect emotional wellbeing, self-esteem, and confidence, cause stress, sadness, and grief-like feelings. It can affect our social lives and relationships. It can even cause some people to abuse alcohol and drugs.

And, as we look around and see other people with hair loss, it seems as though there is no solution at all. 

A Solution is Possible

There are things that can be done though. For both men and women, we can inherit male or female pattern baldness from our mother’s side of the family. This type of baldness is typically seen as men losing hair on the top and crown of the head, with hair still remaining at the back. For this reason, male pattern baldness can be treated successfully by a hair transplant.

Female pattern baldness is treated similarly by transferring hairs from the back of the head to the area of hair loss. However, many women tend to lose hair all over and have thin hair that they struggle to come to terms with after having long attractive hair. Some techniques use implanted fibers rather than follicles. This type of treatment can be effective for many women. There is a drawback in that the fibers do fall out and follow up implantations are needed every few years. 

The majority of people can be helped in some way by hair transplantation techniques. So, lets all of us suffering from a mild to a severe case of peladophobia, heave a huge sigh of relief.

Can I Get NHS Help?

Sorry, you can forget it.

Considering the number of issues that people suffer due to hair loss, it seems counterproductive for hair transplant surgery not to be available on the NHS. Instead, doctors dole out pills and sick notes for depression caused by hair loss, yet the solution is so simple.

Many celebrities have come forward and shown off their thick new locks and admitted that before a hair transplant, they were feeling self-conscious and lousy.

Until the NHS changes their view of hair transplantation as being cosmetic surgery, for people in the UK, here are three options:

●     1 Continue feeling bad.

●     2 Fork out upwards of £10,000 for hair transplant surgery in the UK.

●     3 Take a holiday to Turkey from around £1000. And return with implanted hair without even the need for shaving hair. That’s right! Newer DHI hair transplantation does not require shaving!

A Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey has become the go-to place for hair transplants. So, why is a hair transplant in Turkey a better solution over other countries?

There are several reasons. First, Turkey has first-class doctors with a wealth of experience in hair transplantation. Clinics are state-of-the-art and hygienic. And Turkey is a hot place to visit for a holiday, while prices in Turkey are incredibly cheap. They are not the cheapest. India is possibly cheaper still.

But Turkey hits the sweet spot with flights only taking four hours and being less than £100. Therefore, the overall costs are the lowest. And you can return quickly and cheaply for any follow-up treatments.

It does have to be said, not everyone with hair loss is suffering from peladophia. Many people are fine with hair loss. Many women and men are not that bothered. They have busy and happy lives and have high self-esteem.

But if you are bothered, then know that help is out there.