When putting your property up for sale, it’s important to know exactly what buyers are looking for. While there are certain elements that you won’t be able to change, your home may also have features that will be really appealing. Some of these things will be obvious already, while you may need to do a little work to achieve the others. Read on for some tips on how you can upgrade and make your property more attractive to house hunters.

Smart Use of Space

At first glance, you may think that this means big rooms. However, some people can find too much space a little cold and intimidating. Many house hunters actually prefer smaller rooms that are laid out logically and set up in a way that supports their lifestyle. Good sized, well-positioned storage features will always win over enormous square footage. Be sure to play up how versatile and manageable your spaces are, and declutter all rooms in preparation for estate agent photographs and viewings so that potential buyers can more easily imagine how they would use each area. Keeping your kitchen clean is very important, having a kitchen splashback from simplyplastics.com/ can help you do just that

Great Access

Many people move house to make life more straightforward and less stressful. A large proportion of house hunters will be browsing the market because their family is growing, or because they are getting older and need somewhere that offers more comfort and accessibility. In order to appeal to people with these particular motives, it’s important to consider improving access to – and within – your home.  Even something as simple as replacing a shower with a shower over bath setup will make your space more appealing to young families, while handrails and lifts can make moving between floors easier for elderly or disabled buyers. This home lifts comparison site can help you to decide exactly what type of feature will best suit your home and the people viewing it.

Quality Security

House hunters need to feel confident that they will feel safe and protected in your property once they’ve bought it. It’s a good idea to invest in the latest security products for their peace of mind. Upgrade all door locks and alarm systems – and perhaps install security lights or even cameras – to improve the appeal of your home. Be careful though; if you go overboard with the security features, viewers may falsely believe that you live in an unsafe area.


Most potential buyers prefer not to feel too cooped up. That’s why property with great access to transport links, shops and local entertainment centers are so popular. While you can’t change the location of your house, you can play up the features that will give residents more freedom. Do you have a nice garden? Be sure to spruce it up and take some good pictures of it to display on your listing. Is there a park nearby? Add that to the information too. You should also be sure to include an image of the best view from your windows.

Maximize Privacy

Multi-person households often like to have a little me-time. This is especially important for families with teenage children or for individuals who work from home. If you can, try to make sure that there is good sound insulation throughout your property. If one of your rooms can be converted into a private office, make that change, as doing so will work significantly in your favor. Buyers may also be looking for privacy from their neighbors. High fences and frosted glass or good blinds will help them to feel a little less exposed.