How did you come to find out about the‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition?

My mum basically saw it and said to me ‘this looks like you!’ It just looked absolutely brilliantto me and I figured that I might as well give it ago and just try to make the best entry possible.

What was it about the NT that made you want to be an Outback Adventurer?

It was more the word ‘adventure’. Also it was the fact that it just seemed to me to be the most real, rugged Australia. There seemed to be two things too Australia, for me – the beautiful coast lines, the Barrier Reef and sunshine and then there was the Outback, the Red Centre.That’s what attracted me, the prospect of huge,open landscapes. They also targeted it towards adventure, hiking, stuff like that.

Was it a shock coming from Ireland tot he desert?

Yeah, it was. I left in the Irish summer, which usually has maximum temperatures of like 20 degrees Celsius and I was told that it would be winter in Australia when I got there. So, I figured it’d be cold, but the temperature in the Northern Territory was still like 30 plus! I thought ‘God, imagine how hot summer is going to be!’

What has your role as an ‘Outback Adventurer’ entailed?

Like the other day I was basically leading a camel train tour group in the Red Centre, which was an incredible experience. I’ve also done a lot of work with crocodiles in my time here, so I’m basically something of a croc-handler now. I also handle a lot of the promotional stuff for Tourism NT – social media, photos, blog posts, stuff like that. You just get to have loads of fun, going out on loads of adventures!

What’s been the best moment so far?

I think honestly was the first time I met a crocodile. I’d never seen a crocodile in real life before and the first one I got to see, in Crocosauraus Crove in Darwin, was a five and a half metre giant which they basically just threw me in front of. It’s like seeing a prehistoric dinosaur up close.

And the worst?

I haven’t really had any really bad individual moments, per say. It’s probably just when going out into the bush and there are like two million flies who try and fly into your mouth and eyes to get at the moisture.

Do you see many travellers in the NT?

There are so many jobs available in the Northern Territory – particularly in the Top End in the construction, labouring and education industries.So yeah there are a lot of travellers who come up to the Northern Territory but mostly looking for jobs and work.

How would you describe the NT to get more people visiting there?

It basically just has the best parts of Australia all in the one spot. If you really want to get out into the rugged heart of Australia than go to the Red Centre. There are like all these little roadhouse communities in the middle of nowhere and yet all the people are so friendly and nice to you. Plus the desert, the Red Centre is the only place in the country left as it was stretching back into history. Not to mention the fact that it’s stunning. Plus, if you want to go swimming, enjoy the beaches or have a good night out then you’ve got the Top End and Darwin. It has everything really.

What’s your favourite place that you’ve ever travelled to?

Probably, other than Australia it would be Utah in the United States. It might sound strange but the Mormons (whatever you think about polygamy) are some of the most adventurous people you’ll ever meet. They’re keen to do just about every sport under the sun: rock climbing, skiing, hiking,skydiving, kayaking. The list goes on and on.

How much longer do you have left?

I’ve actually only got a few more days left in the role. I’m actually just up in Queensland with my father and there’s apparently a cyclone warning or something in the area so we’re heading back to the hotel.

What will you do after?

I’ll have a little bit longer to stay in the country after I’ve finished my role with NT Tourism and Tourism Australia. I’ve had some interest from a few places for me to come and do a similar thing for them as I’ve been doing for the NT social media stuff, promotional videos, blog posts, stuff like that. So, hopefully, I’ll pick something upthrough that. It’s been an amazing experience!

Allan Dixon was the winner of the NT‘Best Jobs in the World as part of Tourism Australia.