Living and working with people constantly pushed to their limit can’t be easy – so how does she cope? We recently grabbed five minutes with Amanda to find out…

You’re currently living in West London – what’s your favourite part of the city, and why?

I was just chatting to friends recently about how people in London tend to stick to their “pockets” and where they know. I have friends who assume you need a passport to get to SW London! I have been making a huge effort to explore more of London lately; even though I love my area, Fulham, as it is very community oriented and it feels like home.

But I also love Borough Market and Shoreditch for their edgy vibe. I’m a big fan of Portobello and Westbourne Grove and also love Soho on a sunny afternoon.

After seeing how gorgeous New Zealand is, could you be tempted to move there?

My best friend lives in Sydney and I’ve been thinking for quite a while that I want to move. But the problem is it’s just so far away! I adored NZ, but I couldn’t imagine being that far away for ever. I will most certainly be paying it a visit again.

I head to Sydney once a year for a couple of months, so it can be my fancy stopover!

In RV Rampage, you join the contestants in some pretty hair-raising activities, such as jumping out of planes and off bridges – what was that like? Were you frightened?

I’m a bit of a daredevil. I turned 40 last year and decided to say yes to every experience and opportunity. I like to live life on the edge. Otherwise what’s the point?? Bungee jumping was absolutely terrifying, but the risk was like no other. I’m really glad I did it. I faced every ounce of fear in my body – at top speed! ​

The series sees you working with five couples as they face cultural and physical challenges. Did you have a favourite pair?

They all brought something to the table, and each of their characters made the show so fun. The bickering brothers were wonderful to watch. Always last but always up for it! And Wan and Mark were characters. Wan was the loudest person on the crew and cast by a mile. If Wan was awake early, you didn’t need an alarm clock…

What did the couples struggle with the most? Were there any challenges that they couldn’t complete?

Probably height. And it was mostly the men! Byron of the orange team cried at the top of the bungee, and poor Dominic from the Brothers in Black team was a bit of a wimp. But he did overcome a lot of his fears. I loved him for his bravery in parts, and his sheer stubbornness when refusing to do anything that involved heights!

​​Finally, the word on the street is that you’re a Game of Thrones fan. If you were in the show, which house would you belong to?

The Starks for sure. Just so I could be partially related to Jon Snow!

RV Rampage is on Travel Channel at 6pm on Saturdays