What’s the show about?
Mainly about Justin Bieber’s dreamy hair. Actually, it’s about our soulless consumerist culture and the corporate pillaging of the world that seems to be proceeding unfettered.

What’s the oddest show you’ve done?
Take your pick: the one where I was the entertainment during a 24-hour cancer walk with a four-year-old chemotherapy patient in the front row. The one where the hypnotist on before me set it up so numerous audience members put their underwear on their heads. Or the one I did in a shark tank.

Troubled times make fertile ground for comedy – what would you do if world peace broke out?
Probably stop doing stand-up and learn to juggle. And puppetry of the penis is popular, too.

Would you vote for Obama again?
He’s been an incredible disappointment, and until we get money out of politics there will never be a viable candidate who’s not corporate-owned. 

Where: The Bedroom Bar, 68 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY.
When: May 3. 7pm. £10 
Tube: Old Street
Web: comedycafe.co.uk