Life would be wonderful if everyone and everything was as fabulous as Lady Celeste. While she is approaching the winter of her life (she’s been on the road for 30 years), the fiery redhead is in her theatrical prime and returning to London’s West End to delight the masses with her velvety renditions of contemporary pop and jazz, along with a few witty anecdotes. But before she does, we were lucky enough to catch up with the swaggering superstar, dolled up to the nines, naturally, and on delightful diva form…

Lady Celeste, it’s lovely to meet you. So tell us, what can we expect from your news show ‘A Star is (Re)Born’? 

It’s a joy ride. You’ll be entertained with songs, comedy, music and sparkle. I’ll let you in on a few of my worldly anecdotes, turn some songs you love on their head and honour some classics that you might not have heard for a millennium. There’ll be jazz, seduction, and laughter for all.

People rave about your performances. What is it you do on stage that is so special do you think?

Share. I think there is a huge amount of generosity in what I do. I don’t hold back, it’s the reward to my Luminaries. If you want it – take it!

Will it make us laugh?

I bloody hope so! 

Can you tell us what you’ll be wearing?

I have developed a fondness for jilbabs [a long robe usually worn by Muslim women]. The coloured ones are so dramatic! Perhaps some of those. I also like to wear a bit of shine or sequins. I’ve had some deaf people come to my shows before, and they can’t hear the music, so they are entertained by the sparkle.

Are you happy to be back?

Desperately so. Oh how I have missed the stage. And London! The West End is the pinnacle of theatre in the modern world. I can’t sleep some nights for all my excitement.

What do you love about performing?

The thrill. Theatre is raw, immediate, and vulnerable. It’s open to spontaneity and movement. Anything is possible in theatre and that’s what’s thrilling.  

What is your greatest fear?

Being forgotten. All performers think that, even if they don’t say it. I don’t appreciate lying, or indifference, so I like to be honest. Secondly, wearing a see-through outfit on stage. That’s accidentally happened to me once with a dress that was a tad too sheer.

As you’re being so honest, can you tell us a secret…?

Then it wouldn’t be a secret. I will tell you this though, I’ll never turn down an invitation. What a wonderful thing. Someone asking to keep your company!

What celebrity would play you in a film of your life?

Cate Blanchett. She’s the only actress out there that still epitomises class. We also have quite a similar strong nose.

How do you stay so beautiful?

Well, I had the good fortune of being born on February 29. Technically, I still haven’t turned 30! Can you believe it? Prevention is better than cure with ageing, so the best piece of advice I can give to someone is plan to be born on February 29. That and stay out of the sun, it’ll kill you. Not only will it kill you, but it will turn you into a hideous dried-up old beast beforehand. 

Sorry, we’ve haven’t even asked how you are. So rude…

Darling, I feel like an inflated puffer fish. I may have had a few too many celebratory gin and Dubonnets for my producer’s birthday yesterday. Apart from that, I’m well. Thank you for asking.

See Lady Celeste Luminary perform live on August 19 & 21 and 23 & 25 at Pheonix Artist Club. £10.