Your TV show, Lucky Life, shows the real side of Ibiza …
I started going to Ibiza about six years ago, and fell in love with the place the moment I landed but I was really surprised to find it wasn’t anything like I had seen on a few TV Shows about the Island. Of course, you get a few crazy streets in the west side, but that was only a tiny element of the island. And it wasn’t only my perception of Ibiza that had been swayed by the negative press – many of my friends all had a tarnished view of the island from what they’d seen on TV.

How did you get the show started? Initially, we were just going to grab some
cam corders and film whatever we got up to, throw it online and see what happened. After talking with a few people involved in TV, we decided to take it on as a real venture, so flew out to South Africa, filmed a pilot, and then utilised our contacts to start filming whatever we could on the island. We started with The Ibizan Heat Tour and the British Student DJ Champs.

What is the real Ibiza then?
For me, it’s all about the balance. One minute  you can be partying at the world famous clubs, dancing to DJs and performers you’ve always dreamed of hearing, and the next morning, you’re out on a boat cruise to Formanterra, or at a retreat up in the north. For me, the real Ibiza is what you discover when you explore the island.

How has the music changed?
Every year there’s a shift in the music, who plays where – last year Armin Van Buuren moved from Amnesia to Space. It used to be all about electronic dance music – and still is – however, there’s now a huge amount of live acts, and the ears are broadening to a bigger range of music, especially with the influence of Ibiza Rocks and Eden Live nights.

How do the indie kids mix with the dance scene?
People are becoming open to different types of music, they’re less boxed-in. Instead of just being a house head, or just being minimal or a rock guy, people can experience all kinds of music now. Dizzie Rascal, Example and Ed Sheeran are there this year, and the Ibiza 123 Festival, with Elton John, Sting, Lenny Kravitz and more will be the island’s first three-day outdoor festival.

What’s your favourite thing about Ibiza?
The moment you leave the airport, your realise you’re in a unique place. Billboards don’t advertise washing powder or cars, but your favourite DJs and clubs. The local radio play the best house music 24/7 and the weather is always amazing. For me, there is just an atmosphere I haven’t experienced anywhere else!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen?
I was once found by friends dancing on a street corner, in the middle of the day, with no headphones on and no music playing – Ibiza has a beat you can only hear within.
What’s been your wildest night?
Rather than wildest night, my wildest week happens every June during the Ibizan Heat opening parties tour. 20 Promoters, more than 50 DJs and 500 clubbers from around the world.Seven days and nights of mayhem!

You interviewed Carl Cox last year – what was he like?
We filmed his opening night at Space. He did a 10-hour set for the tenth anniversary of his night, The Revolution, there. The following day we did a flawless 20-minute interview with him at his house. He’s as awesome as you’d imagine, and truly passionate about what he does.

What have you learnt about the island?
Growing up in South Africa, I always thought of club owners and promoters as big bad guys, but I’ve found during the past two years that people in the industry in Ibiza are a lot more friendly and open to new ideas than I would have expected. The owner of Space is an amazing 75-year old Spanish gent who came to Carl Cox’s 10th anniversary party sipping champagne at
two in the morning to celebrate.

What is people’s biggest misconception about Ibiza?
That it’s full of drunken trash. Everyone’s there to have a good time, let their hair down and meet some cool people. And then you have the north of the island, the hippy markets and yoga and the mediation retreats. Some people go there two or three times, go clubbing and then feel they have outgrown it. I feel that I grow with the island on each visit and I want to help others experience the balance I love the island for. 

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