You’re doing loads of festival shows…

I love festivals. I’ve been gigging a lot, too, and meeting people along the way which has been awesome. It’s busy but all good. 

Where have you been so far?

I started the summer with The Acoustic Festival of Britain, then Beach Break Live and The Rock Oyster Festival. I went to Glastonbury and Barn On The Farm just to spectate – both are fab! 

And then there is the Sea Level tour and TNT’s 30th birthday bash, too…

Yeah, I haven’t met either Matthew [Matthew P] or Ash [Grunwald] yet, but I’m so excited about meeting and playing with them. There are some great dates and venues on the tour – I’m looking forward to my hometown show at Fistral Beach [Newquay] and I’m buzzing about TNT’s 30th birthday show at Koko, too. I’ve never been there, but everyone I talk to has said that it’s a wicked venue. It’s a very exciting time for me, as it’s both my first tour and first support tour.

What are your expectations about being out on the road?

Mainly I’m excited to go on tour as I haven’t done this before. I don’t know what to expect. It will be tiring but in a good way as we will all be putting our hearts and soul into the shows. 

Matty and Ash are both big surfers, are you equally as at home in the waves?

I’m from Cornwall but I’ve never surfed. It’s so bad – I can’t believe I’m telling you that! I should be saying ‘Yeah, I am a pro surfer’ but I’m not. Hopefully I can get a few tips from Matt and Ash about getting started!

You had a big gig a couple of weeks ago in Paris we hear…

I did, yeah, it was crazy. I can’t believe it happened now! I was asked to support Muse at the Stade De France, in Paris. 

How did that come about?

I was playing at Marylebone Summer Fayre in London and Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy saw the last few songs of my set. I didn’t think anything of it but just thought it was wicked they were there. Then my sister said Hudson came and picked up one of my kites – they’re my ‘business cards’ with my website on. A couple of days later I got a call from Muse’s management asking if I’d like to support them that Saturday. 

How was the gig?

I cannot quite describe how awesome it was. I got to meet the team and Matt Bellamy. Dizzee Rascal and Biffy Clyro were also on the bill. I was completely blown away by the whole show.

What went through your mind when you were waiting in the wings to go on?

You know what, it’s a massive venue and nothing like I’ve played before so when I saw the audience [the stadium holds 80,000] I was still like ‘Oh my gosh!’. But I was totally ready for it. I gave it my all and went out there to entertain people.
You look very calm on the footage…

Haha. Is that what it looked like?

I still can’t quite believe it happened. I was so grateful to the Muse team for giving me the opportunity. It got my social networks flying so hopefully I can build on this as I’m just at the start of my career as an artist. 


Who do you look up to musically?

Jason Mraz. I love his songwriting, his performances and his charisma. He’s a very cool artist for me. And John Mayer, too. I especially love his guitar work. They are my big two inspirations at the moment.

He does a lot of improv-y things…

Yeah. I hope to add some improv into my own performances, so I’m practising this right now. I do a lot of vocal improv already and have a big passion for the guitar, so this has inspired me to get better. 

Then you’re out on tour in August, too…

Yeah, I’m touring with Blues Boy Dan Owen, who is wicked. It’s in Cornwall and Devon, so it will be a fun tour mostly on my home patch. 

What are you doing before the Sea Level tour starts?

I’m back in Cornwall, so just chilling out and writing a lot. I have a few driving lessons as I have my test next week, too. Mum and Dad will be pleased when I can drive myself to gigs!


Polly Money plays the TNT 30th Birthday bash at Koko, July 28 at 6pm. £15  NW1 7JE  
Tube | Mornington Crescent 
Her debut album Along Came Polly is out now